Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

With the kitchen and bathroom cabinets installed it’s time for the countertops to be set. A high precision digital countertop template is created using a laser measuring device. The digital template is overlaid over a digital picture of the granite slab to select what portions of the slab are used for the countertop. The L-shape of the kitchen countertop required that two separate pieces be sealed together. The seam was chosen to lie through the middle of the cooktop so that its is hardly noticeable. After the countertops are glued to the cabinets holes are cut for the cooktop, island sink and bathroom sinks. The Countertop Gallery contains more pictures.

Exterior Painting

With the porch railing completed and the gutters added everything is in place to paint the exterior. We decided to use Muddled Basil (a dark green color) for the vertical siding and Messenger Bag (a lighter green color) for the horizontal siding. Green is a classic craftsman exterior color. We selected Maison Blanche (a cream color) for the window trim and the wood trim that separates the vertical and horizontal siding. We considered using a tan trim that matched the vinyl windows, but the tan color was not a good trim color to go with the green siding.

For the shake at the top of the entryway we went with Sommelier (a red wine color) to provide some pop as an accent color. The front and back doors will also be painted Sommelier. Maison Blanche was used for the railing and column trim. Muddled Basil was used for the vertical siding on the lower half of the railing columns. Sommelier was also considered for the column siding, but after trying out both colors on a column we went with Muddled Basil. All the exterior colors are Sherwin Williams colors.  The Exterior Painting Gallery shows all sides of the house after painting completion.


Hardwood Flooring

The original plan was to use tile that resembled wood as way to reduce costs. However the cost of installing tile turned out to be significantly greater than wood so we switched to using engineered hardwood flooring. Unlike a natural wood floor engineered wood flooring is made of several layers glued together. This makes for a stronger floor that may used on top of concrete and radiant floor heating.  A maple wood was selected to go with the kitchen cabinets. After floor installation is completed a protective wrap is taped to the floor and lower cabinets to prevent any damage while the house construction is completed. Floor installation pictures are in the Hardwood Flooring Gallery.

Porch Railing

Before building the porch the porch columns are created by wrapping the beams in wood trim. Siding is added to the lower column half which will be painted a different color from the trim. The railing is made of cedar with vertical slats to provide a craftsman look. With the addition of the garage doors and gutters the exterior is completed and ready for painting. See the Porch Railing Gallery for pictures.