Front Yard Landscaping

After moving into our new home our focus turned to landscaping the front yard. Given the size and slope of the front yard we wanted a retaining wall in place before the winter rains. We went with two 4′ boulder walls for the natural look and lesser cost compared to a masonry wall. The two walls divide the yard into three terraced levels. To give some color to the front yard we added grass on the lower level and on the top level beneath the porch. The other areas will have plants and shrubs to be planted next spring. By then we should have a good idea of what to plant. In the meantime to help retain the soil a bark mulch was blown in to provide cover. To keep with the natural look we went with stone steps and pavers for the level areas to create a walkway from the sidewalk to the front door.

On the strip by the street five autumn blaze maple trees were planted. The other houses on the same side of the street have the same maple trees. The remaining boulders not used for the front yard are being used to define our backyard property line while we decide on how to landscape the backyard and west side of the house. More pictures can be found in the Landscaping Gallery.


A centerpiece of the great room is the fireplace and chimney. The fireplace is a gas fireplace with an exhaust vent that is above the porch roof. Virginia Ledgestone was selected as the stone veneer since the colors were a good match for the kitchen countertops. A metal mesh frames the chimney with each stone piece placed individually to the mortar base. A spare beam was used for the mantle with the decorative corbels below the mantle coming from Amazon. For the hearth we used the same granite as used for the kitchen countertops except in a stone-cut finish instead of a polished finish. See the Fireplace Gallery for pictures of the entire process.

After completion of the fireplace we moved into our new home on October 30. We had met our goal of moving in for the holiday season.