IMG_1983The first thing to go in after the walls are up are the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Installation was quick as it took only 2 days. A chocolate stain was chosen for the kitchen cabinets that would go well with the maple floor selected. The bathroom cabinets were painted white to blend with the different bathroom color schemes. Cabinet installation is shown in the Cabinets Gallery.

2 thoughts on “Cabinets”

  1. Your home is beautiful. I am curious if you have chosen exterior paint colors? I too have the tan milgard windows and I’m having a difficult time choosing paint colors.
    Thank you

    1. We chose the tan windows because we did not want the white interior look since the tan color would go better with our floor and cabinets. In the last week we have decided on our exterior colors to create a craftsman look. Greens are the primary colors as we will use Muddled Basil (dark green) for the vertical siding panels and Messenger Bag (lighter green) for the horizontal siding panels. Maison Blanche will be the trim color and also used for the porch railing. To add some splash Sommelier (wine red) will be on the front door, the back French doors and the shake area at the top of the entryway. All the colors are Sherwin Williams paints. We could have chosen a trim color to closely match the tan windows but chose not to to provide a trim color that would match better with the greens. Good luck with choosing your colors.

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