Materials Selection


Floor tile, countertop granite and chimney facade
Floor tile, countertop granite and chimney facade

An important aspect to building an house is the selection of materials. One of the more challenging tasks is the coordination of the great room floor, kitchen countertops and kitchen cabinets. The consensus view from talking with others is to select the kitchen countertop first as it is easier to find cabinet colors and floors to match the countertop than vice-versa. But what should drive the color selection of the granite countertop? The answer for us came when we saw a vineyard ceramic tile painting by local artist Shannon Ray (see Materials Gallery). We purchased the tile painting to be used as the backsplash above the kitchen cooktop. To match the blue, brown and gold colors of the tile painting we selected Persa granite for the kitchen countertop. Our chimney will have a stone facade which has similar colors to the countertop granite. We will have a tile floor (still to be selected) which is a good conductor for the radiant floor heating. The kitchen cabinets will have a cocoa stain.

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